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Rolling Shutters

We specialize in Rolling Shutters. We cut and custom build each one in our warehouse specifically to fit each window and door. Rolling Shutters offer the most convenience and protection and can be worked by hand crank or motor. Once you have Rolling Shutters you will find reasons to use them daily. Our customers tell us it is the best money they have spent on their house. Some shutter companies do not like to install Rolling Shutters, even though they advertise them. When giving you a quote they may tell you that Rolling Shutters won't work on your house, especially if there is a challenging installation issue. While there are certain windows or situations that do not allow for rolling shutters, we have installed them on many homes where other companies said they could not be installed. If you want Rolling Shutters, call us.

Rolling Shutter benefits
Ultimate protection from storms
    *Excellent security & deterrent to vandals and burglars
    *Provides privacy, light & noise control
    *Insulates your home from heat & cold
    *Easy operation for any family member from inside the home
    *Motor, key and remote control options
    *Peace of mind any time you are away from your home

We offer several hood shapes as well as custom decorative hoods to house your shutter.
Aluminum and Lexan Storm Panels

Storm panels are least expensive option for hurricane rated protection.  Available in clear Lexan or aluminum, these are lightweight and easy to install.  The panels stack to be easily stored.  Our aluminum panels have crimped edges to create a smoother edge, making them safer to handle when you are putting them up. Lexan panels allow light and visibility. Our Storm Panel machine cuts the panels to the exact size needed for your opening then punches keyhole shaped holes that line up to go over the studs. This process ensures the perfect fit and ease of installation, taking the hassle out of securing your home.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters protect from storms and intruders. The locks can be installed for either outside or inside use. The shutter system stacks on the sides of the opening and slides on a track to close. This is a good option for openings that curve. They are quick and easy to close.

Bahama and Colonial Shutters

Made of high quality aluminum, these shutters offer both style and function. They give a traditional look that many want for their home.  Both are rated for storm protection and available in 15 standard colors or choose to have a custom color.

Aluminum Patio Covers

Made of sturdy aluminum, these are built to specifications that meet your needs.  We can attach them to your building or make them freestanding.  Available in white and ivory.

Retractable Awnings

Built to the dimensions you need, awnings can be extended or retracted by crank or motor.  Awnings allow you to get more use from your outdoor space and regulate the amount of sun that enters your home.
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